NJ Land Link provides a unique web-listing service for farmers and landowners. This service is designed to help farmers and landowners connect regarding farming opportunities. Accordingly, people looking for land but not planning to farm, and landowners not looking for farmers, may not participate in the program. NJ Land Link reserves the right to modify or not publish listings for the purpose of ensuring that listings are consistent with the intent and purpose of the program. The use of the website does not guarantee a match will occur or that if a match does occur that it will be successful.

Your information will only be used for NJ Land Link-related purposes. This may include providing you with notifications about NJ Land Link-related events or resources, and providing your name and contact information via the listing service to other farmers and landowners interested in discussing a possible business arrangement with you.

When creating and managing your NJ Land Link listing(s), you agree that the information you provide is accurate to the best of your knowledge and the statements you make are made in good faith for the purposes of participating in NJ Land Link. You agree to it is your responsibility to keep your listing(s) up to date and to remove any listings that are no longer active. When removing a listing, you agree to complete a brief survey at that time to help NJ Land Link evaluate the program.